Are You a foodie ?

 Food is heaven for you right … But what if this heaven gets created into something creepy or weird

We all love to discover new tastes, new recipes  but we also make sure that these recipes are healthy for us we want something that is good for our health and also it has to be delicious . As we are exploring day by day we found out that today’s generation is creating their own recipes that sounds 

something weird like have you ever heard of coke-maggie sounds weird naah!


Here I have some weird food recipes for you that you must need to try once in your lifetime

So here we go …….



You don’t have to do to something more for this you just have to add Rasgulla in your chai

Many people had already tried this weird food combination some liked it some rated it average and some don’t even like it a little bit .You must need to try this combination of chai and rasgulla may be this is of your type or may be not.


Shake with Gulab jamun

This don’t sound that weird if you are a Gulab jamun lover than you must love it ,it tastes like Gulab jamun ice-cream.

This shake is very popular among kids . They are already mad for shakes, and they just loved this flavour of it .You should try this one at your home for yourself and for your family.

For this you just have to add some milk ,sugar and Gulab jamun according to your taste in a shaker and grind it for 4 to 5 minutes and your Gulab jamun shake is ready.


Euww! This is weird, like no one wants to experiment with their maggie .we tried different types of maggie like masala maggie, spicy maggie, cheesy maggie but this mango shake maggie this is something different . Ok let me tell you now how would you make this so you have to make mango shake separately and maggie also separately than take a jar add some maggie into it then you can add your mango shake in the middle layer and again maggie if you want to use some dry fruits for garnishing you can also add them . it’s your choice if you want to garnish or not , So here is ready your mango maggie shake. 

According to rates people don’t like it much it not only sound weird it taste also weird .

If you love to experiment with your food you can go for this one, to experiment with ypur maggie .


SANDIWCH ! oye hoye everyone loves sandwich but what if your sandwich is not spicy it’s sweet sounds weird na
but that’s what we are doing ok so look at the recipe of it.

Take two bread slices and some jalebis now put 3-4 jalebis on one slice of the bread and put your other bread over it now you have to toast it ,for that you can use tawa or you can use toaster as well.

Many people tried this and they are not liking it it tates weird but if you want to gove it a try you can make this at your home .


How do we miss this one , these two dishes are everyone’s favourite so, here we have fusion of your favourite’s .

Ok let’s take a pizza base and some spice on it you can use any pizza sauce or tomato sauce also now put your white sauce pasta over it ,put some cheese to make it more yummy and cheesy .

It’s time to bake it ,3-4 min after your pizza-pasta is ready.

People tried this and they just loved it ,this one is very different from all above recipes.

So ,you should definitely try this one  your home.


So you are thinking that what is this ice golppas now, so let me tell you about this weird food item.

You just have to take 4 to 5 golgappas and put some ice into it and you have to add some sweet syrup into it or either you can use rooh afza .


Are you ready to make some experiments with your maagie ?

Here I have founded some weird maggie combinations …..

Maggie is one of those items that can change your mood within a minute . if we mix it with other items , does it enhances the flavour or make it worse ?

Let’s check it out 


For this recipe you have to fill maggie inside your momo’s dough and prepare it noramlly as momos are prepared.   It’s upto you how you want to eat it whether you can steam it or fry it.

You definitely try this recipe . This taste so good people liked it .


This a fusion of maggie and Manchurian .

You have to take a bowl of maggie and a bowl of Manchurian ,and mix both of them and your maggie Manchurian is ready .

This tastes average .if you want to taste this, you can give it a try .


This is type of desi thing , you have to first make maggie filling. so as normally, make your maggie you can add some spice into it to make it more spicy . now prepare dough for making paratha . put the filling inside it and cook it . and your maggie paratha is ready .

This tastes not that good , it’s combination sounds so weird .

If you want to try it you can.


You all have tasted puffcorn and maggie but have you tasted puffcorn maggie .

For this recipe you have to  add some water in a kettle or pot, add a packet of puffcorn into it and let the water boil after that add a packet of maggie and masala. Wait for 10-15 min and your puffcorn maggie is ready .

This tastes good you can try this at your home . This tastes like little creamier because of that puffcorn .

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